Reg. Height 5'8" - 5"11", Chest 40" - 43"               (Black)

 Reg. Height 5'8" - 5"11", Chest 40" - 43"               (White)

 Short Height 5'4" - 5"7", Chest 34" - 39"               (Black)

 Short Height 5'4" - 5"7", Chest 34" - 39"               (White)

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Pastor’s baptismal robe

This Pastor’s Baptismal Robe is both durable and functional. It is made of sturdy but lightweight twill faille in an easy-care blend to minimize wrinkles in drying. All pastor’s baptismal robes have rustproof zippers and weights in the hem, cuffed sleeves with velcro, full-draped cartridge fluting and generous front panels. These garments can be machine washed and tumbled dry.

Though made of a dense material to reduce transparency when wet, it is suggested that light colored clothes be worn under these garments. Purchase according to desired a) height – 5 sizes, b) color, and c) yoke size – regular or large. Please consider chest measurements, height, and weight when purchasing.

Baptismal Garments