In Remembrance Of Me

In this authoritative guide to the Lord’s Supper, Jim Henry underscored the biblical basis for the practice, then offers practical suggestions for congregations seeking to conform their worship service to the will of God.

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A classic wedding manual for pastors is updated for a new generation. Covers everything from the rehearsal dinner to the reception and offers tasteful guidance on how to insert into bhp_description_import Select the wedding vows, the proper music, and the order of service.

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The Two Shall become one

A resource to plan services with suggested Scripture, order of service, and brief comments for celebration in the black tradition.


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Special Occasions in the Black Church

Twenty-six basic wedding ceremonies contributed by well-known ministers including W. A. Criswell and Charles Stanley.

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The Wedding Collection

Service Books

A Minister’s Treasury of Funeral   

       and Memorial Messages

A “must have” for all pastors, this new handbook (5 1/2″ wide by 7 3/4″ high) will help you as you minister to persons in the critical time of grief. Jim Henry is pastor of a 10,000-member church in Orlando, Florida. He has been a pastor in service for thirty-six years and also served as president of the Southern Baptist Convention. Part 1 includes guidelines in seven vital areas of grief ministry including, what to do in the following situations: On Receiving Notification of a Death When Visiting in the Home Scheduling During the Funeral Home Visit During the Service When Concluding the Service At the Gravesite Part 2 includes twenty-three full-length funeral messages (4-8 pages each) for different situations including the following: Sudden unexpected death One who battled a long illness A military person of faith A child A student A godly wife, mother, or woman This is a much-needed manual for pastors, ministers, and laymen alike who are called on to minister in funeral and memorial services..

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The Minister’s Manual for Funerals

The plans for this book began several years ago as I personally sought quality resources for my work with grieving families. With such an abundance of homelectical materials in general, I was concerned that there seemed to be very little to offer guidance for the funeral setting. The goal of this book is to provide resource material for a setting that has so much potential for ministry. – From the Preface.

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