Sample choral robes are available in a large variety of styles, colors and fabrics. In most cases, these samples can be shipped out immediately. Occasionally, samples must be custom made to meet the needs of potential customers. It is important to request samples to see the quality workmanship. Lighting can change the shade of certain colors and samples should be viewed in the area they will be worn. The only obligation when ordering samples is to return them within a reasonable amount of time, once they have served their purpose. Thomas Creative Apparel, Inc. supplies a label for their return which serves as postage, so there is no cost to you.

​Although samples are not sent of Clergy Robes, rest assured that they are tailored with the utmost highest standards. Premium velvets are used as well as cording that has proven to be colorfast.

                    Below are samples of what we offer, Request A Choir Robe Package 

Choir-Clergy-Pulpit Robes, Choir-Clergy Stoles, Judicial-Baptismal Robes, Cassocks by Thomas Creative Apparel