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Pew Refinishing and Touch Ups



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         Before                                                                                                    After

Wood Church Furniture 

Most of today’s church furniture, including pews, suffers from a lack of proper care. Wood is hydroscopic by nature; that is, it both absorbs and expends moisture, and expands and contracts in the heat and cold. Most churches do not keep their sanctuary at constant temperature and humidity levels, and the wood will move and the sealer (varnish, lacquer, etc.) will crack open, allowing moisture in. This is the natural process that, over time, will turn the wood back into the “dust of the earth,” as God intended. The proper maintenance of wood furniture, whether solid or veneer, includes polishing or waxing the furniture, keeping it sealed against moisture movement. Most churches do not have the ability or manpower to maintain their pews and other wood furniture, and refinishing is a very expensive alternative, often costing the same as new church furniture. Without proper maintenance, wood can crack or split over time, fade from sunlight and handling, and lose its beauty.

• Our “Pew Restore” processes will soften the existing finish and blend it with new stain to restain
the entire area, while also cleaning the wood.

• Restores the original color and luster of your church pews and other furniture.

• Our “Feed & Wax” system will protect the furniture against moisture, using actual bees wax
and carnauba wax, applied by hand waxing.

• Hides scratches and blemishes in wood, revives dull areas on the church pews.

• A special “Orange Oil” solution will polish and maintain the restored look of your newly touched
up furniture.Contact our sales department to learn more about this great money saving pew
restoration procedure for your church. Our toll free number is1-866-845-5683.