Standing Riser Set

Model RS3LHB

Price: $864

Whether your venue requires single height portable stages, multiple levels, or entire stage or riser configurations, Called2Blessing offers affordable prices, quick ship and superior craftsmanship to provide you with the best value. Combine stages of the same height to construct on large stage, or use progressive heights for seated band or choral riser configurations. Choose from hardboard surface, or carpeted in your choice of blue, green, grey or red.

Single Stage

Model S488C    48"W x 96"L x 8"H                Price: $607.00

Model S4816C  48"W x 96"L x 16"H              Price: $642.00
Model S4824C  48"W x 96"L x 24"H              Price: $656.00
Model S4832C  48"W x 96"L x 32"H              Price: $682.00

Trans-Port RiserFlips open and sets up with minimal effort!

Transport 3-Level Choral Riser

Model TP72

Price: $995


Ask about our 4th Level add on  Price: $299

Colors: Blue / Green

   Optional Pleat Skirting Available

Standing Riser

Model RS2HB

Price: $304

Optional Side Guard Rails Are Available In 3 Height Levels

Standing Riser Set

Model RS4LHB

Price: $1169

Stages & Risers

Standing Riser Set

Model RS2LHB

Price: $565