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Church Steeples

Church Steeples today are manufactured from fiberglass materials for strength and for its lightweight properties. Larger steeples use steel for support. Steeples are either made in one, two or three sections.

Selecting your Steeple 

  When selecting a steeple for your church or chapel, you will need to do the



·   Measure the height of the building from the ground to the peak of the roof.

·   Measure the width of the same area.

·   Select a steeple that is close to the same height.

·   Look for a steeple base that is about 15% of the width area.


  For example: if your building is 36' wide and 30' tall, you will want a steeple

  that is about 30' tall and 5' to 6' wide. Our steeples come in three categories:

  Small, Medium and Large Church Steeples.


​   Check out our steeple models below which can be clicked on for a larger view and more detailed specifications.